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  • new-websie

New website up and running

Welcome to the new website of Solar.United.Natives! The site has been upgraded and restructured, we hope you will find it useful! New features include: Buy your membership right here for yourself or for your [...]

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  • szanda-top

Budget plan for the year 2016

With 3 times more people than last year we will be able to build a better infrastructure, organize more programs, and pay at least a minimal salary to some of our people. It's still a small initiative, [...]

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  • 1000lights

Report for the year 2015

Turning point in the S.U.N. story It was the first year that a non-profit foundation managed the summer event. The visitors number was limited to 1 thousand people. Many of the promoted artists and program elements [...]

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  • film-shot

Summer of 2015 – Short film

In the dark and cold winter weather it’s so good to remember bright summer memories… Please welcome this short film made out of your video footage that you have sent to us. Looking [...]

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  • bio-soap-hungary

Caring for Nature

Our gathering will be the first one in Hungary that is only using bio-degradable cups, dishes and cutlery produced from lactic-acid. These food and drink packaging will be collected and composted on the spot, providing [...]

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  • boomshankar

Solar Seeds in Serbia – photos

It was a great outdoor event, planted by the Solar United Natives in cooperation with the TesseracTstudio trance-botanic gardeners, held in a beautiful location in Serbia. We were all too busy enjoying the music and the great atmosphere, so [...]

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